How Do I Manage My Fear of Getting Periodontal or Implant Treatment?

You need to find the right sedation specialist. We suggest asking these six questions:

First, what is the nature of the periodontist’s training. Was the periodontist trained in a three-year, university-based graduate program, with additional training at a leading sedation hospital?

Second, is the periodontist very safety conscious? Is the periodontist trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and a CPR instructor with the latest hospital grade monitoring equipment?

Third, has the periodontist and the periodontist’s team had extensive experience managing anxious patients with sedation? Our doctors and team have safely sedated over 3,000 very anxious patients, helping them to receive the periodontal and implant care that they want and need in a relaxed comfortable way.

Fourth, does the periodontist have the state-of-the-art VeinViewer infrared technology to ensure finding the vein on the first try?

Fifth and most importantly, is the periodontist and the periodontist’s team kind and friendly? Do they take the time to listen to my concerns? Do they offer minimally invasive treatments using lasers and Pinhole surgery that avoid cutting and stitching and have minimal post treatment discomfort?

Sixth and finally, does the periodontist use the most reliable and well researched implants to restore my missing teeth?

Contact us here at the McCawley Center for Laser Periodontics & Implants to learn more about  our sedation options.


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