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Approximately 35% of people have bad breath. If you or someone you know has bad breath, give us a call for guaranteed cure.

Answers to Common Questions

The Florida Breath Center has a 20-year track record of Curing Bad Breath. Unlike other offices, we totally eliminate the source of the problem. That takes time and skill and the use of patented instruments – instruments only available in one other office in the world.

Is Treatment at the Florida Breath Center guaranteed?

Yes. After curing hundreds of people in the last 20 years, we are so certain that our techniques will CURE you of Bad Breath, we GUARANTEE it or your money back. It is the only CURE that comes with a money-back guarantee.

How Long Does Treatment at the Florida Breath Center Last?

For the vast majority of patents, virtually a lifetime. Just like you brush and floss, you will need to perform some additional preventive maintenance. It is quite simple to do and adds a few minutes to your personal care.

How Much Does Halitosis Elimination cost?

During the two hour examination, we will use a special gas chromatograph and other techniques to diagnose the actual cause of your problem. If bad breath is your main complaint, there is an additional fee for this specialized exam.

After diagnosing the cause of your bad breath, you will be presented with a specific treatment program and cost summary for your individual needs. We offer a cure, not a low-cost, short-term treatment. To totally eliminate bad breath from your life, for a severe case, your investment would be similar to 3-4 crowns or complete braces. And, if cost is an issue, we offer financing that allows payment to extend over 1 year with no interest.

If you are truly interested in saying goodbye to your bad breath and getting your life back, call us today.

In addition, we have pioneered the use of the laser to enhance the cure of bad breath and treat your periodontal disease if this is a component of your bad breath.

Bad Breath Myths

Breath Treatment Fort Lauderdale, FL
Bad Breath Treatment: What Can I do At home
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Breath Treatment Fort Lauderdale, FL
Breath Treatment Fort Lauderdale, FL
What to do if you have bad breath


It comes from the stomach?

There are two sphincters that prevent air from coming back up from the stomach except when you belch or have GERD so the stomach almost never is the cause of bad breath. Probiotics also will not help to control bad breath.

It comes from the sinuses?

The mucous of sinus infections may occasionally show up in the back of the throat but is not a cause of consistent bad breath so don’t have sinus surgery to treat your bad breath.

It comes from the tonsils?

Occasionally people have sioliths on their tonsils. These, when they come loose, can have an odor but are not a cause of consistent bad breath so don’t have your tonsils removed to treat your bad breath.

The right mouthwash or breath mint will solve my bad breath problem?

Mouthwashes and breath mints are, at best, only a temporary cover-up because they do not completely eliminate the bacterial cause of bad breath.

Antibiotics will treat my bad breath?

Occasionally this can be a temporary help but they do not penetrate the biofilm causing bad breath and don’t kill the anaerobic bacteria that don’t grow in air.

Bad breath is not offensive so why worry?

See the common odors produced by your bad breath:

Bad breath infographgic

It’s caused by some medical problem that I have?

This can rarely be true. Severe lung, kidney or liver disease can produce an oral odor but these diseases will usually be obvious.

Good brushing and flossing will cure my bad breath?

Many of the patients that we see with bad breath have excellent oral hygiene.

Bad taste indicates bad breath?

This is rarely true.


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