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Receding Gums Puts Your Teeth At High Risk

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Periodontal Procedures That Stop Tooth Pain and Gum Recession

Treatment Choices for Tooth Pain and Gum Recession

Tooth pain can be attributed to a variety of dental problems and is often the result of gum recession, a condition in which the roots of the teeth become exposed and sensitive due to increasing loss of gum tissue. Drs. Tom and Mark McCawley treat gum recession using a variety of techniques, including some of the latest and least invasive approaches available today.

Drs. Tom and Mark McCawley have pioneered techniques of gum grafting that avoid the painful palatal wound. Understanding the source of tooth pain and recession is the first step in deciding which treatment is best.


In many cases, bacteria trapped beneath the gum line are what cause tooth pain and soft tissue damage. Bacterial infection, or gum disease, is very destructive to the gums, which is where it strikes first. Without professional periodontal treatment, the infection will grow and continue to break down soft tissue and endanger teeth and bone.


Interestingly, the traditional method used to treat gum disease can also cause gum recession. Drs. Tom and Mark McCawley prefer laser therapy for mid to late stage gum disease because it does not harm healthy tissue. Laser gum treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL simply removes bacteria and restores health with more comfort and success.

Oral Hygiene And Other Issues

The best way to prevent recession, tooth pain, and infections is to brush and floss daily and maintain regular cleanings. However, performing these techniques properly is also important. Brushing too hard can contribute to gum recession. Tobacco, hormonal changes, oral piercings, orthodontics, genetics, and damaged teeth can also impact gum health.

Choosing A Treatment

Laser gum disease treatment: Bacterial removal and treatment of oral infections will gently and effectively help control gum recession immediately and, unlike traditional treatment, will not add to the problem. Pinhole Surgical Technique is the latest and least invasive technique in gum recession treatment in Hollywood, FL that Drs. Tom and Mark McCawley use to correct gum recession and stop tooth pain from exposed root surfaces. Soft tissue grafting is an effective and traditional method of correcting gum recession using soft tissue from other areas of the mouth or a tissue bank to increase coverage and improve appearance in receded areas. Drs Tom and Mark McCawley have pioneered less invasive techniques for gingival grafting that avoid taking tissue from the roof of the mouth.

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