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Sedation dentistry is used by many dentists to provide a relaxing, calming experience for patients who are afraid of going to the dentist and/or having dental procedures performed. There are many forms of sedation that can be administered in a variety of ways offering us the flexibility of three levels of sedation – minimal, moderate, and deep – depending on the level of anxiety the patient experiences.

Dr. Mark McCawley Interviewed About the Importance Finding an Experienced Dental Sedation Specialist


Sedation Dentistry Fort Lauderdale, FL


Oral dental sedation is a very effective way to reduce anxiety and encourage relaxation without the use of a needle, making it especially appealing for patients who are afraid of injections. Drs. Tom and Mark McCawley prescribe a tablet that you can take at home, about an hour ahead of your surgery. The pill will cause some drowsiness, so it is very important to have someone drive you to and from our office. When you arrive, you should feel quite relaxed and a bit sleepy. We will escort you to a comfortable place and give you a blanket for added comfort. Drs. Tom and Mark McCawley will then provide the treatment you need without causing any worry or anxiety.

Sedation Dentistry Fort Lauderdale, FL


In addition to oral sedation Drs. Tom and Mark McCawley have treated over 3000 patients with twilight conscious sedation delivered by vein to maximize you comfort. This will help even the most anxious patient to comfortably complete their treatment in only one visit.

Sedation Dentistry Fort Lauderdale, FL


Nitrous oxidation is our mildest form of sedation dentistry, and is inhaled through a mask immediately before your treatment. Commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” nitrous takes effects within seconds and will help ease the stress and anxiety of being in the dental chair. The effects wear off quickly once the mask is removed, meaning patients are typically able to drive themselves home after their procedure.

Sedation Dentistry Fort Lauderdale, FL


Improve first-stick success and patient satisfaction with VeinViewer by Christie. VeinViewer’s easy-to-use vein illumination technolo​gy projects a real-time, high definition image of patient vasculature directly on the skin surface. VeinViewer is 10 times more accurate than other near-infrared vein illumination brands. Locate more options by detecting peripheral veins up to 10mm deep.

  • Improve first-stick success by up to 100%
  • Decrease medically unrequired PICCs by 30%
  • Improve patient satisfaction by 100%


  • Inability to remain seated or still (behavioral or physical challenges)
  • Dread of needles and other dental equipment
  • Extreme anxiety in medical environments
  • Complicated or time consuming procedures
  • Unable to forget bad dental experiences from the past
  • Severe gag reflex
  • Resistance to local anesthetics
  • Intolerable tooth sensitivity
  • Shame and embarrassment about oral health

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