What Questions Should I Ask When Searching for a Periodontist?

finding a periodontist

There are seven key questions we advise patients to ask when searching for a periodontist.

1. Does the periodontist treat the actual bacterial cause of periodontal disease, or does the periodontist just cut away at the resultant pockets? (See Laboratory Report of a culture that identifies the actual cause of periodontal disease and the appropriate antibiotic to use on page 20.)

2. When treating periodontal disease, does the periodontist use the state-of-the-art Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), which causes minimal discomfort and stimulates the growth of new bone? (See X-rays on following page.) Or does the periodontist use conventional painful cutting and stitching surgery?

3. For unsightly gum recession, does the periodontist use the much gentler Chao Pinhole gum rejuvenation technique which uses no scalpels? Or does the periodontist use conventional surgery that creates a painful wound on the roof of the mouth?

4. Is the periodontist very concerned about my comfort? Does the periodontist offer sedation for anxious patients? Or does the periodontist only use local anesthetic shots?

5. Is the periodontal practice privately-owned and operated in the community for many years focusing first on my needs? Or is it a corporately-owned practice managed by MBAs from afar focused on daily production goals?

6. Is the periodontist available in one office five days a week to attend to my concerns? Or does the periodontist travel to many different offices and only visit my dentist’s office a couple of days per month?

7. Are the periodontist and staff friendly and personable and have great Google reviews? Do they take the time to listen to my concerns, and then do a comprehensive examination and tailor a treatment plan specific to my needs and desires?

To learn more, read “Saving Your Teeth, Implants, and Your Health,” by Dr’s. McCawley.


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