Advanced Surgical Solutions for Gum Recession

A receding gum line is an oral health concern that many people try their best to tolerate. Dr. Thomas McCawley and Dr. Mark McCawley and the rest of our care team want patients to understand that gum recession is cause for concern. This symptom actually indicates an advancing case of gum disease (periodontal disease). A patient with a receding gum line might feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smile or might experience sensitivity to foods and beverages that they used to enjoy. Gum surgery can be used to remedy receding gums and Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is Ft. Lauderdale, FL patients’ most advanced treatment.

Take Care of Your Gums

Though the cosmetic concerns posed by receding gum tissue is reason enough for many people to seek treatment, patients should realize that this tissue movement poses several health problems, as well.

Every tooth is made of multiple layers; the hard, shiny enamel layer is only the exterior. Soft, sensitive dentin makes up the bulk of each tooth’s body. Gum tissue protects dentin from bacterial invasion and other forms of damage. If gums recede, as they do in advancing stages of gum disease, dentin becomes exposed and thus vulnerable to infection and injury. This is why patients frequently experience tooth sensitivity; there is no enamel layer between them and their food.

Treating a Receding Gum

Line Gum tissue recession has been successfully treated with surgical techniques for many years. Though traditional surgical techniques are still widely used, the Chao Pinhole® Surgery Technique is an important advancement with numerous advantages:

•This technique does not require cutting tissue with a scalpel; special instruments are used to make a small hole in the gum tissue
•The patient’s own tissue is used
•Patients often enjoy rapid healing and a more comfortable recovery period
•The cosmetic results are quickly evident

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