What is LAPIP®?


If your dental implants are giving you trouble, you may need LAPIP® to correct the problem and provide adequate support for your dental implant. What will the procedure do for you?

What Is LAPIP®?

LAPIP®, a specific form of laser dentistry, stands for Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure. Using laser, your dental professional targets occurrences of peri-implantitis, which is similar to periodontitis. Early diagnosis is key to the success of this procedure. It serves to save your implants and restore your bone, which acts as a support for your dental implants.


Defining Peri-Implantitis

What is peri-implantitis? It’s an oral infection in the soft gum tissue and bone surrounding a dental implant. Oral bacteria accumulate and are trapped between the implant and its supporting structure of bone and gum tissue. This is very similar to periodontitis, which affects natural teeth. The symptoms are gum recession, inflammation and sensitivity in the affected area. Typically, this ailment is the result of poor oral hygiene.


The Procedure in 7 Steps

Here is an overview of the LAPIP® procedure:

• The pocket depth is established with a perio probe
• Lasers vaporize diseased tissue, pathogens, bacteria and titanium corrosion in the area
• Ultrasonic tips remove surface buildups
• Bone is modified as needed
• Lasers form a stable clot using bone stem cells
• Adhesion using the clot
• Dental implant adjusted on the surface
During the healing process, the new attachment will regenerate for a lasting effect.

The Benefits of LAPIP®

LAPIP® comes with a host of patients experiencing issues with dental implants in Fort Lauderdale, FL, such as:

• Bacteria removal
• Halt bone loss surrounding dental implants
• Reinforced support for dental implants
• Elongates life of dental implants
• Lowers risk of other health and oral complications
If you are interested in the LAPIP® procedure, consult with Dr. McCawley regarding your candidacy for the method and the best way to preserve your dental implants. Schedule your appointment today with a quick call to us at (954) 522-3228.


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