The Affordability of Dental Implants

dental implant

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular option for people who have one or more missing teeth. However, some patients are still a bit apprehensive about such procedures because they worry the dental implant cost will be too high. Dr. Mark McCawley at the McCawley Center for Laser Periodontics and Implants can answer your questions about the procedure so you can make an informed decision. Before you even do that, we can also discuss which factors affect the cost of dental implants the most. 

What Determines the Cost of Implants?

There are four main factors that determine how much a dental implant is likely to cost:

  • The number of implants: The cost of the implants is likely to rise if you have more missing teeth. You may be able to save some money for multiple implants by getting a full arch but that is still likely to cost more than an implant for a single tooth.
  • Materials: Most implants consist of titanium posts that are embedded into the jaw, but it is possible to get implants made of other materials, such as ceramic. The type of material used will directly affect the final cost.
  • Procedure costs: In addition to the materials, the placing of a dental implant involves a surgical procedure. Final cost includes the use of any sedation, the facility, and the surgeon and assistants.
  • Follow-up procedures: Some patients may need follow-up procedures to place abutments to help ensure the success of the implant surgery. These procedures add to the final cost of implants.

Dental implants may seem expensive at first, but they basically restore natural tooth function to your mouth and can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. In addition, Dr. McCawley offers a number of payment options to make the procedure more affordable.

Schedule Your Consultation

Before you plan on getting dental implants, it is important to schedule a consultation and make sure you are a good candidate for such procedures. Contact our office today to set up your appointment with Dr. McCawley and we will be happy to answer your questions regarding the procedure and costs.


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