Why Teeth Today Dental Implants are the Right Fit For Your Smile

You want to restore your smile but you know it could take weeks or even months to complete the process with traditional dental implants. This is where Teeth-Today Dental Implants come in. This revolutionary type of dental implant allows you to replace missing teeth and enjoy a fully restored smile in just one day!

Teeth-Today Dental Implants What Are Teeth-Today Dental Implants?

This type of dental implant is designed specifically for patients who have a limited amount of bone in their jaw. With Teeth-Today Dental Implants, we maximize the amount of jaw bone that is available for immediate use by using just four implants. As a result, this procedure does not require bone grafting, making it ideal for patients with low bone volume or density.

Before we start this procedure, we numb you to a comfortable level so you do not feel discomfort or pain during the procedure. We then take the four dental implants and strategically place them at points where bone volume is best. After we finish this part of the process, we use an existing or new denture as a framework for the teeth that will be attached to the implants during that appointment.

You can expect the bone to fully integrate with the implant within three to six months. Next, we remove the temporary implants and insert the final set of teeth, which are permanently anchored into place.

The Benefits of This Type of Implant

One of the main advantages of Teeth-Today Dental Implants is that you can enjoy a fully restored smile almost immediately. You can also enjoy the benefits that come from implants in general, which include a natural look and regular function.

If you’re looking for a periodontist in Ft. Lauderdale, FL who does this unique type of dental implant, we want you to give our office a call. We would be more than happy to provide further information about this cosmetic dentistry option and what it entails.


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