What Type of Anesthesia Will Be Used for My Dental Implants?

What Type of Anesthesia Will Be Used for My Dental Implants

What Type of Anesthesia Will Be Used for My Dental Implants

It’s not anything near the long, uncomfortable procedure many people may imagine they’ll need to undergo in order to get dental implants. Thanks to innovations in dental implant technology, your dentist can place your implants quickly and efficiently enough that you won’t need to sleep through the procedure. With a little local anesthesia, the implant site will be numb during the procedure and you won’t feel much in the area until you’ve left the dentist’s office.

Local Anesthesia and More than Enough for Most People

It sounds painful – the use of dental drill to make progressively larger holes in your jawbone for the titanium implant post to screw into. And it would be painful, it wasn’t for the small amount of local anesthesia that makes a world of difference. It doesn’t take much to mute the pain.

Along with being really effective, another reason a local anesthetic will be ample for even a procedure involving a full set of dental implants is that it doesn’t take long to place them. General anesthesia is generally excessive for dental implants, especially if your dentist offers efficient, highly accurate, dental implanting solutions such as the popular All-on-4® or Teeth Today® systems. These systems take advantage of advanced imaging and modeling solutions to place a full row of dentures on just four dental implants, so even a full set of dental implants often only requires a local anesthetic.

Pain Management Following the Procedure

Typically, all you’ll need is an off-the-shelf painkiller to take every six to eight hours in the days immediately after your dental implants have been placed.

Though the dental implants will take at least four months to heal, the initial discomfort immediately following the placement procedure won’t last long. You may experience a bit of swelling at the implant site for two or three days following your procedure.

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