Prevention and Treatment for Gum Recession - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Prevention and Treatment for Gum Recession

dental patient preventing gum disease

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top ways to prevent and stop gum recession

  • Practice good oral hygiene every day
  • Learn how to correctly brush and floss
  • Avoid or treat tooth grinding habits
  • Treat periodontal disease right away
  • Seek treatment to correct malpositioned teeth
  • Do not use tobacco
  • Do not wear jewelry in the mouth
  • Seek gum recession treatment

reducing your risk of gum recession treatment

Gum recession treatment with Drs. Tom and Mark McCawley is a common procedure that can be achieved with a variety of techniques designed to improve the health and appearance of the gum line. There are also several things you can do to prevent gum recession or keep it from progressing.

Receding gums in Fort Lauderdale, FL are something many patients experience but might have been able to avoid with a better understanding of how and why it develops. Because recession tends to happen slowly, symptoms may be hard to recognize right away. The most obvious sign is how the gums appear. When recession sets in the gums will look shorter, which means the soft tissue is pulling away and tooth roots are becoming more visible. Periodontal disease is the most common reason people have gum recession because the bacteria that causes disease live, breed and destroy gum tissue. Even traditional scalpel surgeries and certain orthodontic work can cause gum recession.

How to prevent and stop gum recession

Treat periodontal disease immediately: If you have gum disease, you have an active bacterial infection living under the gum line that can only be treated by a periodontal provider. If left untreated, the gum line will continue to recede and teeth and bone will be at risk.

Practice good oral hygiene every day

Brushing and flossing are imperative to keeping the gums healthy and bacteria-free. Doing it properly is also key. Recession is frequently the result of brushing too hard, using the wrong type of brush or holding it at the wrong angle.

Treat bruxism

Clenching and grinding is a widespread problem that can place significant stress and damage on the gums, and it often happens at night, when you are sleeping. An oral exam with Drs. Tom and Mark McCawley can determine if bruxism is responsible and provide a night guard to control it.

Correct damaged teeth and occlusion

Teeth that are, uneven, jagged or crooked can impact the health of your gum line. A poor occlusion or bad bite is another factor that can lead to recession but it is treatable.

Do not use tobacco

Tobacco products generate more plaque in the mouth, which contribute to gum disease and recession. Smoking makes it harder to maintain good oral health.

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