A Complete Guide to Laser Gum Surgery vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

Many people focus on their teeth when it comes to good oral health. However, your gum tissue is equally as important. When pain, swelling or other complications in your gums develop, you need to see our periodontist right away to get the best treatment possible. Our professionals will go over the differences between laser gum surgery and traditional gum surgery so that you can determine which treatment is better for you and to know exactly what is being done on your gums.


A huge difference between the two treatments is that anesthesia is needed for traditional surgery while less is needed for laser gum surgery. This can be substantial for some patients. Certain individuals react poorly to anesthetic medication. With laser gum surgery, only a local anesthetic is require to numb the area being treated.


Whenever traditional gum surgery needs to be used to treat periodontal disease in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, sometimes a small amount of tissue needs to be removed. This can alter the appearance of the patient’s smile. Laser surgery is not as invasive because the laser specifically targets the diseased portion of the tissue. Therefore, your smile is more likely to look the same following treatment.


Since some tissue needs to be taken away with traditional surgery, recovery time tends to last a little longer. Due to the fact that laser surgery is far less invasive, the recovery time is much shorter. Either way, our periodontist will provide you with instructions on how you need to care for your oral structures in the days following the procedure.

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