How LAPIP® Can Save Infected Dental Implants

Dental implants can be an effective treatment for patients who have lost one or more teeth, especially since implants function like natural teeth in many ways. However, just as periodontal disease can affect natural teeth with inflammation, gum recession, and bone loss, peri-implantitis can have many of the same effects on the area surrounding implants. If you are noticing the signs of oral infection around your dental implants, it is imperative to contact Drs. Tom and Mark McCawely immediately for diagnosis and treatment. Early diagnosis is often essential to treatments that can heal the infection, stop bone loss, and save the implants. One possible treatment is LAPIP® (laser assisted peri-implantitis procedure), which Dr. McCawely may recommend depending on your unique circumstances.

Why LAPIP® Is Important for Dental Implants

Peri-implantitis is essentially an oral infection that occurs in the bone and soft tissue around dental implants. Bacteria becomes trapped in the space between the gum tissue and the implant and causes gum recession as well as bone loss. This weakening of the bone structure can affect the security and fit of the dental implants, and can even cause implants to fail if left untreated. The LAPIP® laser therapy treatment works on peri-implantitis just as traditional laser therapy helps reverse gum disease around natural teeth.

How LAPIP® Works

The LAPIP® treatment involves precisely targeting a specialized laser at the area around the implant to remove diseased tissue and kill harmful bacteria. Along with removing the source of the infection, LAPIP® stimulates the growth of healthy new bone to secure the implant and improve overall oral health. Laser therapy is less invasive than traditional gum surgery and can offer many benefits to patients, including minimal pain and a quick recovery time.

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If you are noticing pain or inflammation around your dental implants, call our Fort Lauderdale periodontists  right away for a consultation. Drs. Tom and Mark McCawely have years of experience treating gum disease and can develop a customized plan to address your peri-implantitis and restore your oral health.


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