Don’t Risk Your Health – Get Regular Oral Care

February is American Heart Month, which means everyone’s attention is directed at heart health. Oral care has been shown to be related to the health of your heart, which means you should get dental care to take care of your cardiovascular health. Gum disease in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is very treatable with laser dentistry. This leads to a better smile and better health.

How Are Heart Disease and Gum Disease Linked?

Periodontitis and heart disease share many risk factors, but they’re linked in the inflammation of the arteries. Your mouth is full of blood vessels which become inflamed as gum disease progresses. This makes it harder for blood to flow, which leads to stroke or heart disease. While you’re considering ways to take care of your heart, such as eating healthy and staying active, make good dental care part of the steps you take to maintain your health.

Get treatment for periodontitis with regular cleaning from a periodontist to maintain your oral health. Our office offers the LANAP® protocol for more advanced cases. Using a laser, we manipulate the gum tissue in your mouth to reduce the pockets where the tissue has eroded. It’s more comfortable than traditional gum surgery and the recovery time is quicker.

Make an Appointment to Find Treatment Options

Our office is a pioneer in laser dentistry. We’ve been using it in our practice since 1990 to treat gum disease in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and have published studies about the use of this option. Call us at 954-302-7921 to schedule your appointment with one of our experienced periodontists to find a solution for your periodontitis. We offer a relaxing environment for your comfort. Take care of your smile for more self-confidence and heart health for the rest of your life. We want your mouth to be healthy.


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