Dental Implants: Pain and Cost

Dental Implants: Pain and Cost

Dental Implants: Pain and Cost

Going through a dental implant procedure is completely life changing. Unlike most teeth restoration procedures, dental implants provide a permanently stable option for those who do not wish to remove dentures or bridges. The dental implant procedure provides patients with the confidence to smile again, while being able to enjoy all of their favorite foods and company with friends.

Major questions surrounding dental implants is the cost and pain associated with the procedure. Many exclaim they believe the procedure will leave them with excruciating pain or with a hole in their wallet. Here are some key things to keep in mind about dental implant pain and cost.

Dental implant pain, described by patients is almost nonexistent. Because the procedure is secured in the bone, there are no nerve endings to disrupt. Typical dental implant pain is eased with over the counter medication, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. The treatment is also completed under anesthesia, so you will go to sleep and wake up with your brand new set of teeth without a worry in the world.

As for the cost, every price will vary. Just like uniqueness of patients, the procedures are created specifically for each case. This is the same for the cost. Depending on whether you need one tooth reconstructed or your whole mouth, the price point will differ. It is also important to realize that prices may very depending on extractions, bone grafting, soft tissue grafting and material used. When you’re going through the implant process, your doctor will sit down with you for an initial consultation. During this consultation, they will go over the strength of your bones, if you are suffering from gum disease, and what your goal is with the reconstruction. From there, they will be able to give you an estimated cost for the procedure.

If you are suffering from lack of teeth, and want to regain your confidence with this life changing procedure, contact your dentist, at your convenience. Dental reconstruction is more than for aesthetics, but helps with your overall oral hygiene. If you have questions, or are looking to set up a consultation, contact your doctor.


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