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Dr. McCawley Talks About Oral Health & Its Effects On COVID-19

Association between periodontitis and severity of COVID-19 infection

Conclusion: Periodontitis was associated with 9x higher risk of ICU admission, need for assisted ventilation and death of COVID-19 patients.

Clinical Relevance: This study helps understand better the risk factors influencing the outcome of COVID-19 infections and by revealing that periodontitis could be a risk factor, this study highlights the importance of periodontal health in the prevention and perhaps even management of COVID-19 complications.

Steps we are taking to protect you, our team and ourselves from COVID-19

Creating A Sanitary Environment

Our goal is to offer our patients therapies that we would want for ourselves. We have literally searched the world for the most gentle and effective treatments. This has led us to minimally-invasive treatments that combine accurate diagnosis of the causes of periodontal and implant infections with proven laser, antibiotic, antiseptic and implant therapies to provide predictable, long-lasting treatment to save lives…and smiles.

We Help Ensure Your Safety And Health In The Following Ways:

  • Limiting patient-to-patient contact by staggering appointments
  • Requiring all patients to wear face masks and practice social distancing
  • Daily recording the temperatures of all staff, doctors, and patients
  • Ensuring doctors and staff are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Routinely disinfecting all surfaces, instruments, and rooms between patients
  • Using the Vector Vortex Extraoral Suction Unit to remove bacteria in the air
  • Using the Vectorfog c100 + ULV Cold Fogger to efficiently sterilize the entire office
  • Screening all patients and rescheduling those who are symptomatic or at risk

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