Don’t Ignore the Signs of Gum Recession

a model portraying receding gums

Your gums are meant to form a tight seal around your teeth to block out bacteria and provide natural aesthetics when you smile. Unfortunately, gums can recede for many reasons and cause everything from tooth sensitivity to loose teeth. Don’t ignore the signs of gum recession and instead get treatment with the Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™)!

Causes of Gum Recession

  • Gum disease
  • Aggressive tooth brushing
  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Genetics and age
  • Hormonal changes

Comparing PST and Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is the traditional way dentists treated gum recession. Though time-tested and effective, many patients find the treatment process to be invasive and uncomfortable, with a lengthy recovery period. The procedure also sometimes involves using the patient’s tissue as the graft, resulting in two separate surgical sites that require healing.

Alternatively, the Pinhole Surgical Technique takes a minimally invasive approach that doesn’t require scalpels or incisions. PST instead uses a special device that makes tiny “pinholes” in the tissue above the teeth. Then, the tissue is gently manipulated back over the exposed tooth roots. Collagen strips are then placed to ensure the gums stay positioned during healing. Because there is no need for patient or donor tissues, multiple quadrants of your mouth can be treated during one efficient appointment.

Benefiting from Pinhole Surgical Technique

  • No scalpels, incisions, or sutures
  • Completed in one procedure
  • No post-operative downtime
  • Comfortable and efficient
  • Immediate and lasting results

Preventing Gum Recession

The best way to prevent gum recession from occurring again is to take great care of your oral and overall health. Brush properly so you don’t harm your gum tissues. Minimize or quit smoking to keep your gums from being damaged. Eat a well-balanced diet that doesn’t include many sugars and carbs to minimize bacteria in your mouth. Always maintain your routine appointments with our dentist!

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Gum Recession Treatment: The Benefits Of Early Treatment

Patient Suffering From Gum Recession

If you begin to experience gum recession in Fort Lauderdale, FL then it would be very beneficial if you sought out early treatment. This is mainly because gum recession is a major warning sign that you may be in the very beginning stages of gum disease. Gum disease is important to treat when it is in its early stages in order to avoid it developing into advanced gum disease.


Gum Grafting: The Traditional Way To Treat Gum Recession
Traditionally gum grafting was considered the main form of treatment for gum recession. This is partly because it allowed the unhealthy tissue within a patient’s mouth to be replaced with healthy gum tissue that was taken from other parts of the patient’s mouth. While effective this form of gum recession treatment was also very invasive for the patient. Thanks to advancements in dentistry less invasive forms of gum recession treatment have emerged. One form is known as the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™).

What Is the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™)?

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is now being used to treat gum recession and it is a minimally invasive procedure. Gum grafting as described above involved cutting and suturing the gums. However, the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™) only involves, as the name would suggest, making a tiny pinhole in the gum tissue. Then the next step is to slide this tissue around in order to cover the exposed gums. The traditional gum grafting process only allowed one or two teeth to be treated during each session, but with PST one major benefit is that multiple teeth can be treated.


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If you are experiencing gum recession then it would be very beneficial if you reached out to our local dentists, Dr. Tom McCawley and Dr. Mark McCawley, in our office in Fort Lauderdale, FL to schedule your gum recession treatment. Doing so will be very beneficial and will also give our dental professionals the opportunity to discuss the pinhole surgical technique with you and your treatment.

Gum Recession: 3 Facts About Why Gum Tissue Recedes

model portraying a receding gum line

Gum recession is a very prominent issue for many dental patients and because it occurs slowly and gradually it is often not easy to detect. If you start to experience gum recession it would be best if you reached out to your dental professional to seek treatment as soon as possible. Doing so would be very beneficial because gum recession is a major warning side that you may be developing gum disease.

  1. Gum Disease

Gum disease usually occurs because of a lack of proper oral hygiene. Meaning if you are not engaging in good oral care you are more likely to develop gum disease. Healthy oral hygiene would include brushing and flossing at least twice a day in order to avoid plaque buildup. Also, this lower your chance of having any bacteria buildup below the gumline which can create inflammation.

  1. Brushing Too Hard

Although, it is important to be sure that you are brushing your teeth twice a day regularly it is also very important to be sure that you are not brushing too hard. This is because when you brush too hard your gumline will overtime start to recede. In order to effectively remove food and bacteria from your teeth you don’t need to brush aggressively. Brushing your teeth roughly negatively impacts your oral health.

  1. Flossing Too Aggressively

Similar to brushing too hard if you floss to hard you can also inadvertently contribute to developing gum recession. When you floss too aggressively you can accidentally cut into the gum tissue and this then causes receding gums.

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If you find that you are experiencing gum recession, then it would be very important if you contact our office to have a full examination conducted. Doing so will allow our doctor to examine you and determine if you are suffering from gum recession as well as provide you with the needed treatment.

Differences Between Traditional Gum Grafting and the Pinhole Surgical Technique™

gum recession

Differences Between Traditional Gum Grafting and the Pinhole Surgical Technique™
If you are experiencing gum recession, then it’s very important that you schedule a consultation with a periodontist sooner rather than later. This is because if you are experiencing gum recession this is a major warning sign that you may be developing gum disease. Also, when it comes to gum disease treating it in its initial stages is the best option because at this stage the side effects of gum disease
are still reversible. If your gums are receding this will cause your teeth to become sensitive and can lead to you experiencing pain when you eat or drink either hot or cold foods. Your periodontist has the experience and the advanced technology to diagnose and treat your gum recession. The two types of treatments for gum recession are traditional gum grafting and the pinhole surgical technique. To learn more about the difference between these two treatments review the information below:

Traditional Gum Grafting
Traditional Gum Grafting is the original treatment method that has been used by dental professionals to treat gum recession. The entire process involves using healthy tissue from healthy parts of your mouth and creating a gum graft by suturing it onto other parts of your mouth where you are experiencing gum recession. While this is the original method for treating gum recession thanks to major advancements in dentistry the Pinhole Surgical Technique PST™ has been created as the new way to treat gum recession.

The Post Surgical Technique™
Unlike traditional gum grafting the Pinhole Surgical Technique PST™ your gums are not sutured instead a small pinhole is made in your gum tissue and then your periodontist can manipulate and shift this gum tissue around to cover up your exposed gums. Also, unlike with traditional gum grafting where only one or two teeth can be treated during each session the Pinhole Surgical Technique allows multiple teeth to be treated during a single session which mean less discomfort for the patient that is being treated.

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Gum recession is a major warning sign that you may be developing gum disease, and in this situation it’s better to be proactive and reach out to a periodontist. Schedule a consultation with us today to have your mouth examined by our experienced periodontist. They will be able to diagnose and treat you. 

Receding Gums: Treatment and Causes

receding gums, pinhole surgical technique

It may not be easy to spot receding gums at first. However, once the gums pull back too much, it becomes readily apparent and requires immediate treatment. It is vital to understand how this condition affects your oral health so that you can take steps to avoid it later in life.


There are many reasons why a person may develop gum recession. The most common is due to periodontal diseases. As gum disease progresses, it targets the underlying bone and gum tissue, causing the teeth to look longer in appearance. Other possible explanations include:

  • Overly aggressive tooth brushing
  • Hormonal changes
  • Insufficient dental maintenance
  • Genetics


In addition to a receding gum line, there are other symptoms to be aware of. The initial recession may be marginal at first, so you should pay attention to other changes in your oral health to see if prompt action is required.

You will notice an increased sensitivity to hot and cold items due to the roots of your teeth being exposed. Without treatment, receding gums can lead to tooth decay, bleeding gums, halitosis and tooth loss.


As soon as you notice the symptoms, you should immediately contact the McCawley Center for Laser Periodontics and Implants. Drs. Tom and Mark McCawley are proficient with the Pinhole Surgical Technique™. This is a new type of surgery that involves our periodontist repositioning the gum tissue into a more attractive aesthetic. It does not require any sutures or cutting, so the recovery period is much quicker. It also leads to substantially less inflammation and discomfort.

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Gum Recession Therapy

gum recession therapy

One of the most common symptoms of periodontal disease is gum recession. This occurs when the gum tissue begins to pull back from the teeth, making the teeth look longer than they should. Not only does it compromise the person’s aesthetic, it can further exacerbate health problems. When you notice recession occurring, you should call Dr. Tom McCawley to see if the Pinhole® Surgical Technique is right for you. If it is, then there are many benefits you stand to gain.

Nearly Free of Pain

Our periodontist in Ft. Lauderdale, FL will apply a topical anesthetic to the area, so you will not feel much during the procedure. As a result, it is a much more comfortable procedure than gum disease treatments of the past. There will also be little to no post-op pain, making the recovery process much easier to get through.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

One aspect of PST® all patients enjoy is that no stitching or cutting is required. Our periodontist will not have to cut through healthy tissue in the mouth. The process does not rely on a suture or scalpel at all. Due to this, you will not have as severe as a recovery period as gum treatments from years ago.

Fast Procedure

In the dental world, many professionals refer to PST™ as the “lunchtime gum lift.” This is because it can generally be done in just one visit that only lasts about 30 minutes. You will be in and out in no time, so you can easily schedule the appointment within your busy schedule.

A Fast Recovery

Gum grafts of the past would sometimes take weeks to recover from. You will feel as good as new within a day or two with the Pinhole® Surgical Technique. There is no need to live with gum recession when you can visit the McCawley Center for Laser Periodontics and Implants. Call us as soon as you notice a problem, so we can recommend the best treatment for you.

Gum Recession Treatment

gum recession treatment

Gum disease is quite common among adults in the United States. In fact, it is so common that many people may not think it is a big deal. However, when left untreated, gum disease can quickly advance and even lead to gum recession. Once it sets in, the only effective course of treatment is to visit your periodontist in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The good news is that even if you are currently experiencing a receding gum line, Dr. Tom McCawley and Dr. Mark McCawley may be able to help with special gum treatment.

Traditional Gum Grafting

Traditional gum grafting is an invasive procedure that is still in use today. Your periodontist takes healthy gum tissue from one part of your mouth and uses it to build up the gums in the diseased or recessed areas. This is a surgical procedure that you need to prepare for in advance and that requires time to heal.

Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique 

The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique or PST™ is a minimally invasive alternative to a gum graft. Instead of taking healthy gum from one part of the mouth and moving it to another, Dr. McCawley uses specialized tools to make a pin-sized hole in the gums and carefully adjust them to a more appropriate position. Because it is minimally invasive, there is less downtime after the procedure and less pain involved overall. 

The Right Treatment for Your Needs

While both treatment options can lead to successful results, there are definitely advantages to PST™ for patients who qualify. You should schedule a consultation with Dr. McCawley to assess your personal situation and goals. This will help you determine which procedure may be the right choice for you.

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Advancements in dental technology have made it possible to treat gum recession without invasive surgical techniques. If you are suffering from advanced gum disease and looking for treatment options, contact our office to learn more about what Dr. McCawley and our team can do for you.

Advanced Gum Recession Treatment

Gum recession potentially leads to problems with your oral health, including tooth decay, missing teeth and infections. Traditionally, periodontists treated advanced gum disease and recession with gum graft surgery. Technological advances have led to a new procedure, PST, that has a reduced recovery time and a better outcome. That is why Dr. McCawley offers PST, or pinhole surgical technique in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

What Is Pinhole Surgical Technique?

Gum graft surgery takes donor tissue and grafts it onto receding gums to rebuild the tissue. With pinhole surgical technique, the periodontist creates a small hole in the existing tissue with a needle. By using special tools the periodontist loosens the existing tissue through the small hole in order to then expand gum tissue over any exposed roots. As the gum line heals, it rebuilds and grows. This helps to revert the recession of your gums to prevent further oral health problems and to enhance your smile.

Why PST Is So Effective

Many patients prefer PST to treat their gum recession over the traditional grafting surgery. This is because it is more effective and has better results. The following are some of the reasons it is such an effective surgery:

• Minimally invasive
• No incisions, so no sutures required
• Reduced recovery time
• Reduced discomfort and pain
• Donor tissue is not required, so no need for additional incisions
• More natural appearance

In just one procedure, up to 14 teeth can have their gum line restored back to normal. This also reduces the number of times a patient with severe receding gums must come in for additional surgeries.

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Do not let your gums continue to recede and lead to bigger problems, including missing teeth, tooth decay and serious infections. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. McCawley at McCawley Center for Laser Periodontics and Implants. He will review your case to determine if you are a candidate for PST.

Ouch! Why Your Teeth Are So Sensitive

It’s summertime and you’d love to eat ice cream or drink a slushie, but it’s out of the question. After all, every time your teeth touch something extremely cold, sweet or even hot, you feel a jolt of pain. So, you take a pass on your favorite treats and hope the sensitivity will go away on its own.

You owe it to yourself and the health of your teeth to make an appointment with a periodontist to discuss your sensitive teeth in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We help plenty of people who are suffering needlessly from the tingling, annoyance and potential problems associated with tooth sensitivity.

What Makes a Tooth Sensitive?

Ideally, your gums would completely cover the bottoms and roots of your teeth. However, receding gums occasionally start to pull away, leaving the root endings exposed and susceptible to bacteria. When they come in contact with heat, cold or sweetness, they send you a signal that something isn’t right.

What You Can Do to Manage  Sensitive Teeth

You have options when it comes to managing your sensitive teeth:

  1. Start practicing better oral hygiene. This includes properly and gently brushing using a soft-bristled toothbrush that is regularly changed. Be sure to floss regularly and correctly.
  2. Use products meant for those with sensitive teeth. Many toothpastes on the market are manufactured for this purpose. Your periodontist can help you determine which is best-suited for your needs.
  3. Consider a gum graft. If your tooth sensitivity is due to receding gums, you may want to get a minimally invasive gum graft that uses your own soft tissues. The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is becoming the gold standard, as it’s efficient and provides instant results without the need for cutting or suturing.

Your sensitive teeth in Fort Lauderdale, FL are trying to tell you something: Are you listening? Be sure to protect your oral health by talking to your dental provider soon about any sensitivity you’re experiencing.