Am I In Need Of Aesthetic Crown Lengthening Or Functional Crown Lengthening?

When people have excessive gum tissue, it can result in them having a “gummy smile”, or a smile that shows more gum tissue than normal. Fortunately, people can treat their gummy smile with crown lengthening in Fort Lauderdale, FL. While some gummy smiles cause functional issues, other gummy smiles can cause aesthetic problems. Continue reading to learn more why people may need aesthetic crown lengthening or functional crown lengthening procedures.


How Do I Know If I Need Aesthetic Crown Lengthening Or Functional Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening in Fort Lauderdale, FL  can treat peoples gummy smiles. There are a few factors that determine whether people need a functional crown lengthening procedure or an aesthetic crown lengthening procedure. The following are the major reasons why:

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening:

When people are embarrassed about how their gummy smile makes them look, then they should get treated with an aesthetic crown looking procedure. An aesthetic crown lengthening procedure removes excess gum tissue to correct their uneven and unaesthetically pleasing gum line.


Functional Crown Lengthening:

A functional crown lengthening procedure is for people who have damaged teeth that are covered by excess gum tissue. For example, a functional crown lengthening procedure may work best for people who have a cavity or a fractured tooth under their excess gum tissue. Functional crown lengthening can also help patients get the restorative tooth crown they need.


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Whether you need a functional crown lengthening procedure or an aesthetic crown lengthening procedure, our quality team can restore the look and function of your smile for years to come. Through the latest techniques and advanced technologies, we can give you a dependable new smile you can trust.

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Can A Crown Lengthening Procedure Correct My Gummy Smile?

a crown lengthening procedure on a full mouth dental model.

A smile is one of the most important facial features a person has. It can show happiness, sadness, anger, or any other emotion. But what if a person’s smile is less than perfect? What if they have a gummy smile? By getting treated with crown lengthening in Fort Lauderdale, FL, a patient’s gummy smile can be restored to health. There are many reasons why a crown lengthening procedure can correct a gummy smile.

What is A Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile is when too much gum shows when a person is smiling. It can be embarrassing and make the person feel self-conscious. That is why patients should consider getting a crown lengthening procedure in Fort Lauderdale, FL. With a crown lengthening procedure, patients can correct the look of their imperfect smile so that they are no longer embarrassed to show it.

What Happens During A Crown Lengthening Procedure?

During a crown lengthening procedure, after sedation dentistry has been administered, the doctor cuts the gums and pulls them away from the patient’s teeth to expose their roots and bones. After washing the area, the gums are sutured back together. A crown lengthening procedure is safe and comfortable, with minimal side effects.

How Does A Crown Lengthening Procedure Fix My Gummy Smile?

The results of crown lengthening in Fort Lauderdale, FL are a reshaped gum line that gives the patient an aesthetically pleasing tooth to gum ratio. When people with gummy smiles undergo this treatment, it greatly improves their self-confidence and overall appearance.

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