Periodontist - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Family Owned Concierge Service Serving The Periodontal And Implant Needs of Broward County for Over 50 Years!


Our Mission: "Saving Lives By Saving Smiles"


Periodontist - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Family Owned Concierge Service Serving The Periodontal And Implant Needs of Broward County for Over 50 Years!


Our Mission: "Saving Lives By Saving Smiles"

New Patient Special $79 Exam Including X-Rays ($475 Value!). Please Call To Ask About Our New Patient Specials. Second Opinions Welcome.

the leader in LANAP and laser periodontal therapy since 1990

All lasers, laser treatments and laser therapists are not the same. Our office had the first Nd:YAG laser in the country in 1990 and pioneered the treatment of periodontal disease with lasers. With the laser, we save teeth and implants when others say they can’t. We are the most experienced laser provider in the world. 

If saving your teeth with less pain and a quicker recovery is important to you, this is a treatment that you must consider!

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Google Reviews

Sam S.
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A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I have personally been contemplating pursuing periodontic treatment for a period of time but always kind of hesitant. I was referred to Dr. McCawley- and WOW was I throughly impressed. As I sat in for my initial exam consult, Adriana was very meticulous and personable. It was comforting knowing she emphasized the WHY behind everything she did. Emelyn, then went over in great depth the billing and what to expect the day of the operation. The constant and consistent line of communication I have with her has been perfect. I would also like to give a great BIG thanks to Dr. McCawley and Will. Will helped prep me before the procedure and, continuing with the trend, he was also very meticulous and personable. Dr. McCawley not only did an excellent job handling my procedure- he added personal touches highlighting his commitment to patient care. Highly recommend this office. First class care 🙂
Shelly N.
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Fantastic dentist! I felt like I was in the best hands for sure after consulting with many local options! He did LANAP on me and the whole experience was very comfortable! Followup care is A+ he’s also funny and his staff are great!
Michelle A.
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I got a botched VERY EXPENSIVE gum repair surgery prior to arriving to McCawley Center. My teeth were in a very concerning state and I felt sensitivity in many areas of my mouth. I am very relived, blessed, and extremely happy with the successful surgery I had at the McCawley Center. I continue to receive check ups and cleanings because I feel most comfortable here. The best place continued gum care and oral health. Definitely worth every penny. My mouth feels fantastic.
Inna P.
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This morning it was my first visit to Dr.McCawley’s office. The front desk girls were very nice and friendly. Then I was met by Vanya, nurse hygienist. She was very professional, she took her time to explain every test she conducted as well as the tests results. She collected all the necessary information so when Dr. McCawley came to the room he had a total picture of my case. Dr.McCawley is a young doctor with very good bedside manners. He went over the treatment plan and discussed all the options. Overall, I had a very good experience with this office. I’m sure that Dr. McCawley will deliver great results.
Yaredt L.
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Dr. Mark McCawley and his team are amazing, so professional, informative, attentive and caring. My experience undergoing laser surgery was great, I’m feeling much better. Dr. Mark McCawley, gave me a phone call after my procedure, to check on me and sent a me beautiful card, you can tell, he loves his patients, he is so nice and humble. I’m glad, I had my laser surgery at McCawley Center for Laser Periodontics & Implants. Thank you Dr. Mark McCawley and your remarcable staff!
Janet S.
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My experience was amazing! Dr. Marc McCawley and his staff left me feeling better leaving their office than when I went in. Even though they are located some distance from my home (an hour), I will be going to them for my future oral care. I will be recommending them to my friends and family.
Choly S.
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As always compassionate comprehensive care. I am a loyal patient of Dr McCawley’s office. He never misses the opportunity to personally greet me whereas I am in need of his services or not. The hygienists are simply the best. The office is staffed by pleasant and capable individuals. I highly recommend them.
Robert N.
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The staff and Dr. McCawley are the best you will find anywhere. I was suffering with a lot of pain and called the office. They told me to come right over. I waited only a few minutes before they took an x-ray and shortly after that I had a complete exam that diagnosed the problem. It was a tremendous relief. From my initial phone call to every interaction that I had with the staff I must say that this office sets the gold standard for patient care. A few years ago I had an extraction and an implant done here. It was perfectly done and nearly painless.
Yusimil G.
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I was referred to the McCawley Center and I was so impressed by his expertise and excellent care. His Hygenist and Dr. McCawley took great interest in my case and their exam was very thorough. I highly recommend their services Best in the South Florida area!!! Thanks again for your excellent care really appreciate them.
Erin M.
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This office is top notch. I was really impressed with the professionalism and the level of service. I had a gingival graft by Dr. Mark and I am so extremely thankful and satisfied. I will continue with this office for my regular cleanings. They truly care about you and your outcome. Recommend 100%.
Anna R.
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I had a big procedure done on my gums to help restore bone growth and kill bacteria, etc. I cannot say better things about Dr. McCawley and his staff. They are so friendly, professional, timely, made me feel very safe while they were burning under my gums (in a good way)…..It was a big process to heal from as well and they had such clear instructions and videos plus sent you home with a day by day!….it was beyond organized.
Aida M.
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Dr. McCawley and his entire team provided me with the absolute best service and care. I am so grateful to their entire team for helping reconstruct my implant that had complications from a different provider. The peace and relief that they made me feel is priceless. I can’t recommend them enough.
Aida M.
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Dr. McCawley and his entire team provided me with the absolute best service and care. I am so grateful to their entire team for helping reconstruct my implant that had complications from a different provider. The peace and relief that they made me feel is priceless. I can’t recommend them enough.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Periodontist

Doctor Mark McCawley is board certified by the American Board of Periodontology.

We had the first Nd:YAG laser in the country in 1990. We have been involved in five published studies.

We’ve been using the microscope and culture and techniques for over 30 years to identify the actual cause of periodontal disease.

We have lectured on microbiology at Nova dental school for over 20 years on the microbiology of periodontal disease and on how to treat failing the implants.

Doctor Mark McCawley is one of only 35 dentists in the world certified as an advanced pinhole surgeon.

We have been successfully treating people suffering from bad breath for over 20 years.

We provide several options for patients who are anxious. You can have a pill to relax or you can have nitrous oxide. If you’re very nervous, we have intravenous sedation.

We always discuss treatment options and we have many financial options.

Doctor Tom McCawley has been in practice in Broward County for over 50 years.

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What Makes The McCawley Center Stand Out?

We specialize in periodontics focusing on the treatment of gum diseases and the placement of dental implants. Our expertise lies in utilizing minimally invasive techniques such as the Laser- Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) for gum disease and Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation for gum recession. These advanced procedures have revolutionized our approach to patient care, offering reduced discomfort and faster recovery times compared to traditional methods.

  1. Laser Pioneers: We were the first in the country to introduce the Nd:YAG laser, and our experience with laser procedures surpasses any other practice worldwide.
  2. Microscopic Precision: We employ cutting-edge microscopic and culturing techniques to identify and treat the root bacterial cause of gum This approach ensures effective and long lasting treatment outcomes.
  3. Chao Pinhole Certification: As one of only 35 clinicians certified as advanced Chao Pinhole clinicians worldwide, we can address gum recession without resorting to painful palate wounds.
  4. Bad Breath Specialists: We possess exclusive access to patented instruments, making us one of only two offices globally utilizing this technique that specializes in curing offensive bad breath.
  5. Implant Expertise: Mark McCawley, a board-certified dental implant surgeon, brings his extensive knowledge and teaches implantology at Nova Dental School.

Recently, we treated a patient who had been told by another dentist that they would lose all their teeth due to severe gum disease. Overwhelmed by dental anxiety, the patient had postponed treatment. By providing compassionate care, addressing their concerns, and offering sedation options, we performed the LANAP treatment, ultimately saving their teeth. This case reflects our commitment to personalized care, advanced technology, and saving our patients’ smiles for a lifetime.

On January 13th 2023, In News Releases

Tallahassee, FLA. – Today, It Was Announced That Dr. Thomas McCawley Was Reappointed To The Florida State Board of Dentistry

Thomas McCawley

Dr. Tom McCawley practices periodontics with his son Dr. Mark McCawley in Fort Lauderdale. 

Previously, he served three years in the U.S. Army Dental Corps as Chief of Periodontics at the Baumholder, Germany Dental Center. He is a Fellow of the American College of Dentists, a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Periodontics and Past President of the Florida Association of Periodontists. 

Dr. Tom McCawley earned his bachelor’s degree and Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Illinois and his Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Periodontics from Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry.

“I am honored to be reappointed to serve on the Florida State Board of Dentistry to help protect the health and welfare of our citizens from dental treatments which do not meet the standard of care and also to help elevate and maintain the professional standards of dentistry in Florida.”

Dr. Tom McCawley & Dr. Mark McCawley Interview Clips

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What Are The Top Ten Reasons To Use Drs. Mark and Tom McCawley For Your Periodontal Care?

We had the first periodontal laser in the country in 1990. Since then, we have completed over 5,000 successful laser periodontal procedures, more than any other periodontal practice in the world. This laser treatment is much less invasive than traditional cutting and stitching surgery, and is FDA approved to regenerate bone instead of destroying bone like traditional surgery. Both doctors received the LANAP Gold Medal for their laser studies.

Over 30 years ago, our office pioneered treating the bacterial cause of periodontal disease, not just the resultant pockets, to cure not just control the infection, which helps prevent recurrence. We have analyzed over 400,000 bacterial samples under the microscope, more than any other periodontal practice in the world.

For implants, Dr. Mark McCawley completed three years of graduate training in their placement and is board certified in dental implant surgery. He has successfully placed hundreds of implants and specializes in placing “All on 4” cases. For these case, he usually places 6 implants which greatly increases predictability.. He uses only the top of the line, most-researched implants, not generic knockoffs.

Dr. John Chao: “Drs. Mark and Tom McCawley are very prominent and talented periodontists in Fort Lauderdale. They have taught in my seminar several times and are one of only 30 offices in the world that I have certified as Advanced Pinhole Surgeons. They are extremely experienced in Pinhole Surgery and have done many procedures with beautiful results. The doctors are well known nationally on the Pinhole Technique and co-authored a study that they presented at the American Academy of Dental Research of 266 Pinhole Surgery sites that averaged 93% coverage at an average time of 17 months. They are the go-to office for this procedure in South Florida.”

The Florida Breath Center has a 20-year track record of Curing Bad Breath. Unlike other offices, we totally eliminate the source of the problem. That takes time and skill and the use of very specialized instruments – instruments only available in one other office in the world.

Approximately 35% of people have bad breath. If you or someone you know has bad breath, give us a call for guaranteed cure.

We have five published research studies on laser treatment and have pioneered the treatment of failing, infected implants to save them if at all possible. We were recently invited to lecture to an international implant meeting on our technique to save failing implants. We teach how to treat infected implants in the Nova Southeastern College of Dental Medicine Maxi-implant course. We have written two books for patients and clinicians on how to treat periodontal disease, peri-implant diseases and other oral diseases which are downloadable on our website

If you are anxious, we offer oral, IV, and nitrous oxide sedation to make you very comfortable during treatment. Most procedures can be accomplished in only one visit. For additional comfort, we use the infrared Vein Viewer technology, which helps ensure comfortable venipuncture the first time. We have safely completed more than 4,000 sedation procedures.

We Are An Unrestricted Provider Which Allows Us To Work With Almost All Insurance Companies. We Have Convenient And Flexible Payment Plans That Will Make Your Treatment Affordable – With PPO plans, you are able to see any periodontist, even periodontists who are not in your network. When you go to someone not on your list, your PPO plan will still cover a portion of your dental fees, often at the same rate as “in network.”

Dr. Tom McCawley is past president of the North American Society of Periodontists and the Florida Association of Periodontists. He was appointed by the Governor to the Florida State Board of Dentistry which helps protect the public. Dr. Mark McCawley is on the executive council of the Broward County Dental Association. Both doctors lecture annually to the periodontal graduate students at Nova Southeastern College of Dental Medicine on the microbiological cause and treatment of periodontal disease and have lectured internationally on this subject.

We have a relationship-based practice where you see the same doctor and team for many years. We have successfully served the periodontal and implant needs of Broward County for almost 50 years. We have a synergistic father and son team to ensure that your treatment plan simultaneously meets all of your needs while including the best treatment; as well as the least invasive.

We have a kind, well-trained team with several members serving you from 14 to 30 years, Part of our mission states: “Our team believes that through our advanced technology and genuine personalized care, we can make a difference in your life.”  Because of all this, we have over 400 5 Star Google Reviews. Check them out.

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