Do they allow almost an hour to first listen to my concerns and review my medical and dental history and then do a comprehensive oral examination? The following is a checklist of our examination:

The examination should include an oral cancer screening, an evaluation of bite forces that may aggravate gum problems, a joint and muscle assessment, an evaluation of pockets, recession, bleeding and pus and evaluation of how loose the teeth are. Tooth decay and defective crowns and filling should be noted.

Most importantly the causative bacteria should be evaluated on a phase contrast microscope for the presence of pathogenic bacteria and protozoa like amoeba. If indicated for more advanced disease, a bacterial culture should be taken and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Radiographs will be taken and studied if not available from the referring office. If implants are needed a 3-D Scan will be taken to measure the available bone in three dimensions.

Finally do they review their findings and explain the recommended treatment in detail focusing on minimally invasive treatments using a laser for pockets and infection and Pinhole Surgery for receded gums?

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