Since periodontal disease affects almost 50% of the population, we are often asked what causes it and what is the best way to treat it?

Periodontal disease is caused by millions of specific aggressive bacteria that infect the gums and bone around your teeth and then get into your bloodstream to affect your health. Genetics, smoking, diabetes and the way our teeth fit together can amplify our reaction to these bacteria.

Identifying and eliminating the specific bacteria causing the periodontal infection is the best way to cure or control the disease and save your teeth.

We were among the first to use the phase contrast microscope and culturing over 30 years ago to identify these bacteria.

The microscope allows us to actually see the amount and type of disease causing bacteria to better diagnose and treat the infection. We have analyzed over 200,000 microscopic smears and 4000 cultures making us among the most experienced in the world in treating the specific infection.

What distinguishes our office is that we identify and eliminate the actual bacterial cause of periodontal disease, not just treat the resultant pockets.  This is the best way to save your teeth and protect your health.

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